Juice Cubes

An easy, budget friendly way to have fresh juice when you crave it.


I’ll try it!

In a few years I will be able to say that the majority of my life has been spent eating a diet full of holistic, natural, fresh foods with tons of benefits. In addition to all those lovely foods, I’ve tried a multitude of home remedies, cleanses and programs in an effort to optimize my daily sense of health. I browse the many ideas on goop and can say “check; check; check”. Been there done that.

Power Juicing

One thing that I have always loved and fall back on frequently is juicing fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. I’ve owned a juicer for almost twenty years. (not the same one). I think I’ve gone through three or four. The past ten years I have had two Jack LaLaine power juicers and feel like they get the job done.

One thing that everyone that juices can attest to is the work that has to go into it. Hence, in most cities, a fresh pressed juice will cost somewhere in the range of $7-11 a pop. Ouch! But, there is a lot of work that goes into it! So I get it.

Worthy Cravings

When I pregnant with my first child I went walking in Forest Park almost daily. It was fall and the air was still a bit warm, but the leaves were turning their various colors when I got the scent of fresh, green in the air. This green scent became my first official pregnancy craving. I pretty much ran out of the forest to my car in search of something that would impart that scent onto my pregnant palate. So I cruised down the street to a little juice stand I knew to be hidden between a floral shop and a conveinence store. Alas, a sign was posted on the door “back in 15 minutes”. Darn it all!

It’s hard to know what to do when you see signs that say that. If it said “back at 12:30” it would make my next move more clear. But, when it says back in 15 minutes you never really know when that 15 minutes started. And, as I know from employing millennials, fifteen minutes is in the mind of the beholder. Of course, I understand the people need breaks. But, I also was a pregnant lady experiencing my first legitimate craving and I know I needed a fresh juice!

I gave the employee the benefit of the doubt and waited in the car for fifteen minutes. To my dismay, no one showed up (millennial!) Plan C: drive to the co-op to purchase the fresh produce and juice at home. I hit the gas, now feeling the full impact of the craving, and proceeded to drive over a small, curb/island of concrete. The perfect fit for my low profile sedan, I easily bottomed out with a audible crack. Foot on the ignition, more plastic cracking. And away we go!

Cravings Rule

After that first experience, Caleb and I came to appreciate my cravings. They were few and actually pretty healthy. But, they were real and needed to be catered to almost immediately. Green juice, orange juice and turkey, mushroom, swiss cheese rolls from tula gluten free bakery had the keys to my kingdom for nine wonderful months.

Now, as I prepare for pregnancy number two, I wonder which things my body will crave. I know that fresh juice is bound to be one of the cravings, and I’m glad for it. But all the hassle of cleaning the produce, juicing and then cleaning the machine. Doing all that work while pregnant, with a toddler making demands sounds exhausting. So, I wanted to create a short cut that will help me get what I need, when I need it, without all the hassle.

Batch Task

I figure if I could juice in large quantities one time and easily preserve the juice, I could find a happy medium. This has led me to lovely green juice ice cubes.


  • Buy the produce of our choice (many juice recipes can be found on-line).
  • Juice it up in your juicer or high powered blender (adding a bit of water to the blender as needed).
  • Pour juice into silicone ice trays to freeze. (Silicone ice trays are important so the cubes don’t crack.)
  • Store in an airtight container in the freezer.
  • When ready to have a fresh juice or a smoothie with fresh juice in it, add 3-4 cubes to a blender with either unfiltered apple cider, concord grape juice or coconut water (for a green juice drink) or with smoothie ingredients like almond milk, a banana and protein powder. Blend until smooth. Enjoy!

This had ended up being so darn handy that I have also frozen a medicinal toddy of lemon juice, ginger juice, orange slice & a dash of cayenne. When we feel like we need a boost to our immune system, we brew some decaf black tea and add 2 cubes. A shot of bourbon and bit of honey can also be added to great effect. Super easy and super yummy. Just what the pregnant lady needs!