5 ways to get more fruits & veggies while camping

Breakfast Bowls - Fresh Fruit On the sweet side of breakfast, it's easy to add fresh fruit like blueberries or pit fruits. They seem to hold up well...

Chocolita Bars

Our Little Patch of Hell The area known as Hell’s Canyon between the border of Oregon and Idaho is aptly named. Without the lifeline of water running from the...

Outside In

Makes Sense There are lots of ideas as to why food taste better when eaten outside. Some think it has to do with the simplification of cooking out of...

Fruity Almond Cake

a fine measure of your summer work ethic

Fireside Paella

Camping Food Evolution I’ll admit, growing up, when I thought of camping food it was the usual fare.  Hot dogs, sandwiches, chips, marshmallows and pop. Basic American crap. Of...

People Love to Help

Pacific Northwest Community Gardening The Pacific Northwest is a gardeners delight. Oregon in Particular has a bounty of great soil, mild temperatures and irrigation channels straight to the heavens....

A Recipe For Colon Health

For certain, I will mention poop a lot on this blog. To a large degree, wether we like it or not, our overall health is defined by three things:...

Movie Night Done Right

Silver Screen Viewing (at Netflix prices) Our friends Jon and Ramona have a lovely Portland property for hosting gatherings. And gathering they do! We jumped on a recent invite...

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Chocolita Bars


Movie Night Done Right