About Us

Well, hello there!

Thanks for taking some time from your schedule and checking in with Itsy Bitsy Beautiful.

I’m Mieke Johnson, (pronounced Mee-kah) a serial entrepreneur, accomplished gluten free baker, wife to a devoted, funny, stylish, futbal obsessed man and mother to my little June “sweet cheeks” Johnson.

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I’m a native daughter of the great Pacific Northwest. I’ve spent some time away to see what other states had to offer, but kept coming back to my fresh, green Oregon. It is here that we will raise our daughter to love, cherish and respect her Creator, planet, community and self.

I’ve always been into the funkier side of life. A real DIY type of girl who usually over dresses, has my hands in many projects at once and loves to feed a crowd. We dig the vintage modern style that living in Portland affords and splash a bit of that style on most everything we do. Like most modern families, we stay busy. But we also adhere to our PNW love of rainy days, for slowing down and getting cerebral with a good book and deep thought on a variety of worthy subjects.

At 41, I can look around and see that I have amassed a lovely community of strong women, whom share many of the same interests, but with their own signature. At Itsy Bitsy Beautiful, I will introduce you to that depth of knowledge, beauty, creativity and passion by other women living the good life in lovely Oregon.

This space is meant to share, inspire, teach, enhance, vent, collaborate, cry and laugh.

Let’s do this together.